NFT Marketplace
Done! We have published (and verified) the smart contract on the METIS Andromeda chain: and the minting has started. We are well aware, that the METIS community is much smaller than the broad layer-1 NFT crowd and have chosen a less ambitious approach: There are […]
smart contract on METIS
Some time has past and the crypto market has changed since March 2022 – free mints are the current hot thing, because of “GodHatesNFTees” and the success of “Goblintown”. We are progressing with the release of our “Ukrainian artist for the climate” NFT on the layer-2 […]
Blockchain Intro
From the time, the University of Münster in Germany asked me to do an introductionary presentation on blockchain technology to the actual date of the presentation tomorrow (Monday, 11th of Juy 2022) have 2 months past. In that time, the ETH rates went from around $3,500 […]
Discord NFT channel
We just added a bot to our blog to notify the community, when new blog posts are online! Join our discord server for the latest news on coming NFT drops, climate related crypto news or just for plain old fun: The plugin for WordPress is […]
NFT on
NFTs are dead, long live NFTs? Intro When we started envoverse earlier this year, the whole crypto scene was in spasmodic emotional overdrive. The BAYC craze was peaking and the ETH coin was at $3,000. Before that, NFT projects like the Pudgy Penguins or the CryptoPunks […]
Push Metis from ETH to Andromeda main network
Working on the Metis Layer-2 Blockchain is very similar to working on the original Layer-1 ETH network. Yet that network has some advantages and the most important for Envoverse is the massively smaller carbon footprint. On the other hand are significantly less people on METIS and […]
Tree planting work in Africa
For our coming NFT releases, we have partnered with – a recognized charity planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions. The founder Fernando understood well, how we try to raise money on the blockchain to fund projects like his and started to plant trees in our […]
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Our free and easy whitelist manager bot for your Discord server. Simple, but efficient!
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