In JUNE 2022 Envoverse has partnered with Ukrainian Artist Oleksandr

Supporting the climate
and an Ukrainian artist

In order to mint, you need the METIS coin – read here, how to get it and how to handle it properly with MetaMask.

Partners and friends:

Our NFT release is supported by some fine names in the crypto space, who care about the environment and help us spread the word. Take a look at our friends and their services:

About the art and project:

Oleksandr Nahorniy created a digital image, playing with the PUMA slogan FOREVER BETTER: “Only if we can better ourselves, we can save the climate”. It is a virtual call to “arms” for us as humans: Let us improve our lifestyle, so we can improve the conditions for the climate.

Oleksandr is currently serving in the Ukrainian army (the soldier in the image is actually him) and creates digital art, whenever he has time. He created various NFT drops before for other teams and describes himself as a 2D artist.

For the “FOREVER METIS” NFT, he used the Ukrainian flag colors in the shoes. The 2000×2000 image is available as a digital lithograph with 333 issues. The original image was destroyed and all income goes into a dedicated tree project with “trees4humanity”. Once minted out, you will get access to the photos of the planting process.

Ukrainian Shoe