Discord Bot

Fresh from our Discord server – unregistered with Discord yet, but we are working on it!

Simple and free Whitelist Management Bot for NFT projects:

Invite Bot to Your Server

Simple command list – we will expand this!

Please note: you need the role “administrator” to talk to this bot. This is a pre-release and listens to “administrators” only for configuration. ‘Owner’ is not recognized.

Use “!ehelp”, once you added the bot to your server:


You need the role ‘administrator’ to configure this bot.
Just being the ‘Owner’ does not yet work, sorry.

** Setup **
!echan #channelname
!eurl https://your-url.com/
!evips 500 – sets the open WL spots to 500

** Admin **
!econf – shows active config
!echeck 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7 – Admins always need to name a wallet
!eadd @username 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7
!eadd 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7
!erm @username 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7
or !erm @username
or !erm 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7

** Operations by VIP user **
!eadd 0x185E710e75C8465Af531160fc6079201047972E7

The bot is offered “AS IS” and our privacy terms apply. We will not use your member list for anything or spam with your data! We also do not guarantee a 100% uptime, we are just rolling out and use this tool ourselves.