Founders & Friends

From concept and technology to marketing and legal.
Our team works together to improve the climate one token at a time!

Danish with Blender

Danish Kiani

Crypto expert, 3D designer and technical mind.

Ralf Schwoebel

Ralf Schwoebel

Software developer, serial entrepreneur, organisational mind

ana marketing

Ana Fries

Marketing and partner management, project selection and screening

Oli Braun

Founder, strategy and investments, m strategic partnerships

Christian on the road

Christian Theisen

Sustainability, founder, business development

Peter M. Braun

Founder, legal and financial advisor, partnerships

Ismet Cetin

Founder, investor and sustainability consultant

Erik Discord

Erik Lehmann

Discord admin, moderator, crypto enthusiast and NFT hodler


Lorik Kqiku

Discord admin, moderator, crypto enthusiast, meme creator

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