Save the planet with blockchain technology, raise money to reduce carbon!

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Mint an NFT, offset carbon emissions, get a receipt “on chain” and  join the club.

Tools and CODE

Take a look into our code examples and how we contribute to crypto in general.

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NFT technology

Join a valuable community and invest in sustainability

Opening up the NFT markets for charities and NGOs, offsetting carbon along the way and providing a wide range of collectibles for nature.

Join the club, show you care

Envoverse is a collective of enviromental aware business, technology and crypto enthusiasts. We make donations transparent by tracking the flow of money on the blockchain.

NFT Identification

Collect one of our nature supporting NFTs and get access to the member area. 

Investment DAO

Donate to progressive, technology driven climate projects.

Climate Protection

Choose from carefully selected partner projects and track those.

Latest News and Articles

The latest postings by the team in English and German.

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From the time, the University of Münster in […]
We just added a bot to our blog […]

We are currently talking to maramap.com to revive the envoverse in the real world. With a magical map and NFT placements for owners.

Stay tuned for additional information in 2024!