Our NFT projects

Envoverse raises money for selected climate saving projects via NFT projects. These projects for example support rebuilding commercially used land into wild meadows, planting trees or protecting the habitat of endangered species.

Additionally, these NFTs grant access to our access protected community channels like “The Ark” or certain channels on our Discord server.

Forever METIS: Ukrainian Climate Art 

Created by an Ukrainian digital artist to raise money for a specific tree project with trees4humanity.org – 100% of funds go into a dedicated field of around 60,000 trees and supports local workers in Africa. Envoverse supported the artist with much needed financial help for his family in these trying times. Digital lithograph, limited to 333 original issues. Sale is happening on the much climate friendlier METIS chain.

ENVO genesis: The OG NFT

A 3D character for the Metaverse. Fully rigged 3D Model with hundreds of traits. The original Envoverse drop was done early March 2022 and has raised around 80,000 US$ for climate projects. It is limited to 333 pieces and primary sale is closed. You might can grab one on OpenSea.

NFTchan.xyz: Pure art anarchy

This homage to 4chan allows you to upload any image and mint it as an NFT. The income is 100% directed into development of Layer-2 blockchain technology to protect the climate and migrate all envoverse activities to a carbon neutral setup.

Show off on Decentraland: Ears!

Created as a Decentraland tool to show, that you care about the climate: Put on the ENVO ears and be an ambassador of the climate. We need you to carry the word to the world: the climate needs us!