NFT Marketplace
Done! We have published (and verified) the smart contract on the METIS Andromeda chain: and […]
smart contract on METIS
Some time has past and the crypto market has changed since March 2022 – free mints […]
Blockchain Intro
From the time, the University of Münster in Germany asked me to do an introductionary presentation […]
Discord NFT channel
We just added a bot to our blog to notify the community, when new blog posts […]
NFT on
NFTs are dead, long live NFTs? Intro When we started envoverse earlier this year, the whole […]
Push Metis from ETH to Andromeda main network
Working on the Metis Layer-2 Blockchain is very similar to working on the original Layer-1 ETH […]
Tree planting work in Africa
For our coming NFT releases, we have partnered with – a recognized charity planting trees […]
Discord Bot
Our free and easy whitelist manager bot for your Discord server. Simple, but efficient!
A lot of new and confusing terms are flying through the Internet. An overview!