Blockchain Intro

From the time, the University of Münster in Germany asked me to do an introductionary presentation on blockchain technology to the actual date of the presentation tomorrow (Monday, 11th of Juy 2022) have 2 months past.

In that time, the ETH rates went from around $3,500 per ETH down to $1,200. The NFT trading volume went down to 20% of what it was and major players went bankrupt. Also, in the last few days, the crypto scene is recovering a bit, alongside the economy.

The target audience is “students of economy and business administration”, so I do not want to bore them into sleep by being too nerdy or too technical.

The presentation is an overview of technology, a journey through the lingo and specific words the crypto scene loves to sprinkle into the mix.

Powerpoint presentation DOWNLOAD

With envoverse, we love Open Source and sharing our findings about blockchain technology with the community.

The presentation is structured:

  1. Introduction
  2. Technical structure of “blockchains”
  3. Definitions of leger, wallets, nodes, etc.
  4. Financial aspects like DeFi, Swapping, Pooling, Staking

Click the image above to download the PPTX.