smart contract on METIS

Some time has past and the crypto market has changed since March 2022 – free mints are the current hot thing, because of “GodHatesNFTees” and the success of “Goblintown”.

We are progressing with the release of our “Ukrainian artist for the climate” NFT on the layer-2 solution – a smaller community, but very active.

I have started a list on twitter, to filter especially for METIS-affin crypto-specialists.

We have finished our smart contract a while ago and wanted to wait for our friends of Peak Finance, Underworld DAC, Pixelwooks, ClimateGuardians and others to proceed with their work, so we have a more closed front to reach the public. Thanks to our friends here again – you rock!

Now to the process of deploying a smart contract on a different ERC based network. Thank heavens, there is REMIX, a web app that allows you to test and work in Solidity, the development language of the Ethereum network.

The code of a smart contract on METIS is 100% the same to a smart contract on the layer-1 Ethereum network. Took me a bit to understand, but it is really that simple. If your smart contract works on layer-1, you can copy and paste it for METIS, too (I have gathered more details on the whole blockchain lingo in my presentation for the University of Münster last week).

All you need to do, is use remix to inject the Andromeda main net of METIS and deploy your contract there. Remix is offering that options via a drop down field – injected Web3 provider:

For us as “envoverse”, the METIS chain offers some very nice and interesting aspects:

  • the gas fees are super low
  • the transactions cost MUCH less carbon
  • the transaction is much faster
  • the data is “portable” – meaning you can move your currency around (wrapped)

and so we are proceeding with the deployment in the next few days and will send out notifications of the drop to our mailing list and other social media channels.

I also wrote a little how-to about handling the METIS coin and how you can add the Andromeda main net of METIS to your Metamask wallet.

And now you can mint already, if you are up for it: