The ENVO Genesis DROP started it all

Fully rigged 3D models to use in the Metaverse, games or augmented reality

The ENVO genesis drop

In March 2022 envoverse dropped their first NFT for a global market. A fully functional 3D avatar for the Metaverse, created in Blender with 10,000 generated models, carefully handcrafted traits and pretty cool utilities like placing the ENVOs in Decentraland or with a mobile phone anywhere.

Buyers were guaranteed, that 90% of all income from the drop goes into carbon reduction and 10% would be used for further development.

The drop did not reach a buy-out but a remarkable volume of over 80k US$ initial sales volume. Over 27,000 trees were planted, endangered animals were protected and some money was donated to help Ukrainian families.

In order to kick-start the idea of pushing the Blockchain to a more sustainable technology for donations, the founders decided to limit the total minting volume to 333 issues of ENVOs and give the original holders of the genesis ENVOs extra rights for upcoming releases and exclusive voting rights for the things to come in the ENVOVERSE.