Envoverse is a charitable foundation

We are raising donations on the Blockchain

Our goal is to transparently document the way of money from the donator to the climate projects and provide NFTs as donation receipts AND a fun way to show that you care!

Background and mission

Envoverse was started by a group of German and US business men, who aim to battle climate change with technology.

The initial genesis NFT drop happened in March 2022 and raised about 80,000 US$ for climate projects. The founders of Envoverse funded the project upfront with 0.5 million US$ to cover software development and marketing efforts. The genesis drop did not reach the expected heights, but formed the first community of tech savy NFT collectors, who do care about climate change and supported the Envoverse team during the hard first weeks of creating a sustainable infrastructure with climate partners and new marketing ideas.  

In the second quarter of 2022, Envoverse regrouped with closer partnerships for planting trees and additional development help to add more projects to the pipeline. During 2022, the team will release additional smaller NFT projects and expand the DAO functionality of the community.

The mission of the group is to raise 1 billion US$ for climate projects within 5 years.

Considering that the great barrier reef in Australia alone will need more than 3 billion US$ to be saved, the team sees this mission as a feasible way to contribute with Blockchain technology to improve the climate with the means at hand.