Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A DAO is democracy on the blockchain.

The core idea of a DAO is a smart contract (basically a computer program), which is deployed on a blockchain (like Ethereum or Solana) and defines the rules of the organization.

That program is public and verified and everyone can see the rules of it via public viewers of the blockchain (like Etherscan.io or equivalent sites).

Now envoverse is aiming to provide such a smart contract by end of 2022 to automate donations to climate projects. Until then, we vote on the proceedings of funds on our Discord server in a channel you can only enter, if you have an ENVO genesis NFT.

Envoverse partners with various projects and makes sure, the funding of NFT sales are distributed publicly and investments in climate projects are documented.

The automation of said investments is a development process and the voting on funds requires the projects to accept digital currencies.

This process is under development and until it is finished, we just directly publish wire transfers or donations to our partners as PDFs to create instant transparency.

For example:

In our tree-planting tool, we link to the donations already processed by Envoverse in the past months.